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Manage Your WordPress Faster and Easier

ContentOS is the operating system for managing WordPress. Whether you have many websites or just one, ContentOS will greatly increase your productivity and give you an incredible experience managing your website(s). You can run it on any modern browser without installing anything. 

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Why ContentOS?

Whether you have one website or many, ContentOS will greatly improve your workflow.

Multitask with a Revolutionary Interface

Easily Manage All of Your Websites from One Place

Access Admin Pages Directly from Frontpage

Search Mode to Quickly Find Anything on Your Website

Beautiful Wallpapers and High Quality Design

Live Editor Preview

Everything in View

Do you have to open multiple browser tabs to manage your website? Switching between tabs can be very inconvienient and you probably have already too many tabs opened from other websites. With ContentOS, you can keep all your administration tasks organized in one place, quickly switch between them and open new pages at blink of an eye without losing the context.

All Websites in One Place

With ContentOS you can keep all your websites in one place. Each website has its own viewport and you can quickly switch between them from the menu or by using keyboard shortcuts.

Access Admin Pages Directly from Frontend

Forget about switching back and forth between frontend and backend. Now you can open new admin windows while staying on the front page.

Easy Access with Desktop Icons

Easily create desktop shortcuts to your favorite pages with drag and drop.

Quick Search

Quickly launch any admin page or find posts on your website.

Live Preview

Watch post preview update automatically as you type.

Beautiful Design

Top class design and beautiful wallpapers will make managing WordPress a much better experience for you.

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